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Corporate Team Sports Massage & Stretching

Do you want to offer the highest quality, professional sports massage therapy team at your event?   We will tailor a professional set up with the right number of experienced, licensed and insured massage therapists based on the number of attendees. We cater to the needs of both large and small events to event directors who want the highest quality of sports massage and a professional massage presence.  We set up at sporting events such as marathons, triathlons, and tournaments (eg. golf, volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, CrossFit, and baseball).  As athletes interact, players’ knees, arms, legs, muscles, bones and bodies, are strained, hyper-extended, tweaked, squeezed, wrenched, pulled, torn and twisted (among other things). If sports massage therapy has a place anywhere, truly it’s in the therapeutic benefit of sports massage for athletes.  Sports massage is usually very deep and may hit all the big muscles utilized in sports such. It offers the best results when done pre and post a sports session, because it will enhance performance which help prevent injury during exercise, in addition to aid recovery and regeneration afterwards. This recovery happens with the removal of the lactic acid which has built up in the muscles. Sports Massage will stimulate the muscular and nervous systems, restore muscle balance and release muscle tension. Sports massage manages stress, prevents and treats injury, optimizes performance and improves circulation and lymphatic flow. For a sports athlete to maintain optimal performance, he or she must have a high degree of flexibility. Whichever sport or sports the athlete is involved with, if he can gain more flexibility though sports massage therapy, he then will have an advantage over his competitors. Since massage therapy stretches muscle fibers, flexibility is promoted and maintained. Many athletes possess a type A personality and also have a hard time relaxing. When a sports athlete can’t relax and has no real down-time, stress can begin to take a toll on his health. Through getting sports massages, he can learn to relax his body and the mind and improve his life. There is much to become said about psychology and sports. Many don’t realize the value of a massage with sports and just how a quality sports massage has more than just physical benefits. The body is just as strong as the mind, so using a strong mind that is relaxed and focused is really a definite edge in highly professional sports. A stressed athlete isn’t nearly as capable as one having a clear mind.  While being an expert at evaluating and rehabilitating an injury are great skills possessed by massage therapists, preventing injuries in the first place is always preferred. LMTs are able to use their training in biomechanics to recognize and correct problems in the body that could lead to injury. Many LMTs will also utilize cutting-edge stretches, taping, or sports massage techniques to help prevent injuries. Massage therapists also prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones. Proper evaluation and treatment of an injury can lead to appropriate care, which in some cases can be the difference between a few days of rest and career-ending surgery. 

Corporate Chair/Table Massage

If you are thinking about a corporate chair massage program for your office or company as part of your wellness benefits package, you will want to consider the benefits to employees and your company.  Whether you provide massage regularly, just during “crunch” times, or as an employee appreciation treat, massage can really make a difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health. Did you know? Even a brief chair massage visit can significantly improve employee problem solving abilities.  A recent study in American Psychologist gave one group of workers  a 15 minute rest, and another, a 15 minute massage. The group that received the massage performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems.  Massage also improves creative thinking and relieves fatigue.  It’s better than a cup of coffee! In addition, by lowering stress, workplace massage helps eliminate absenteeism, making your team more competitive. A corporate chair massage program can help keep your employees healthy as well as happy. Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, improve joint and muscle aches especially in painful areas of the neck and back, and even increase immunity to colds and flu! In addition, massage can play a very important role is preventing and treating the pain and numbness associated with excessive keyboard and mouse use. Great for Trade Shows, Employee Appreciation Day, Office Massage Programs, Health Fairs, & Corporate Meetings. 

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Corporate Chair/Table Massage

Team Sports Massage Rates:

Chair Massage
 Table Massage
 10 MIns. $15/pp
 10 Mins, $19/pp
  15 Mins. $26.25/pp
  15 Mins. $31.25/pp
 20 Mins. $35/pp
 20 Mins. $40/pp
Sports Massage & Stretching
10 Mins. $20/pp
 15 Mins. $30/pp
 20 Mins. $40/pp

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